Previous Projects

  1. ◊ Dynamics of O(3P) Reactions with Gaseous, Liquid, and Solid Hydrocarbons.
  2. ◊ MURI: Materials Chemistry in the Space Environment.
  3. ◊ STRR: Computational Prediction of Kinetic Rate Constants.
  4. ◊ Direct Dynamics Simulations of Gas-Phase, Gas-Surface, and Condensed Phase Reactions Important in the Space Environment.
  5. ◊ STTR: Predicting Kinetic Rate Constants for Condensed Phases.

Current Projects

  1. ◊ BRI: New Approaches to Reacting Flow Modeling for Endothermic Fuel Cracking and Combustion in High-Speed Combustion.
  2. ◊ BRI: Thermal and Mechanical Non-equilibrium Effects on Turbulent Flows: Fundamentals Studies of Energy Exchange Through Direct Numerical Simulations, Molecular Simulations and Experiments.